Trees drink water to grow and the cells didn’t stop working after the tree was cut down.  The “Fuzz” that you feel are the grains expanding and standing up.  This is much more noticeable on our end grain board where the dry microscopic fibers have been bent over during finishing.  Once these fibers get wet they will stand up again and make your board feel fuzzy.  We actually cause this to happen twice during production of your product by “raising the grain” and forcing these fibers to swell up so they can be sanded away.  By doing this, you might not even notice this effect.  But if you do, the good news is that the “fuzz” that you are feeling is very temporary and will get better with every wash as the semi-loose fibers are knocked off of the board.  A sharp knife can also shave your board like a razor and a beard.   Once these loose fibers are gone your board will remain smooth.