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In early 2014 Matt went to the garage to “make some sawdust”.  Little did he know that cutting a few boards would ever lead to this…


It’s just a hobby?

Hi, I am Matt and I am the owner and wood crafter at Sawed Off Woodworks and I had been building homes for more than 4 years (every Saturday) with Habitat For Humanity and really enjoyed working with wood and making things.  I made things for my kids like a baby gate for the stairs, a changing table, a table and chairs for them and a ton of other things around the house.  It was a fun hobby.

OK, I’ll make something for the family only.

One day I thought I would make a really nice cutting board out of some walnut and purpleheat and put the A&M logo on it.  My two year old twin boys even helped me glue the boards together (and they got some of the glue where it actually belonged.)  When it was finished, I started showing my friends and former classmates.  I started getting requests for some orders, but I knew that I couldn’t sell it with the A&M logo.  So, I contacted the school and asked about licensing rules.  Naturally, they asked…  What company are you with?  Well, I wasn’t a company.  I was just a guy with a bunch of wood and a saw and a request to make something.  Then it really started to snowball on me.

Oh no!  This is getting out of hand

So I formed a company and became a webmaster, accountant, owner, shopkeeper, marketing manager, buyer, seller, and designer overnight.  But what to name this thing?  As an Aggie there only seemed to be one appropriate name for this new company so Sawed Off Woodworks LLC was born.  What in the world had I gotten myself into?  The big test came when I decided to donate two cutting boards to the Dallas and Houston coaches night auction.  The proceeds, of which, would go to a scholarship fund.  Would they go for a dollar or would they go for more that what I thought they were worth.  The response was overwhelming and the Houston auction cutting board sold for more than twice as much as I sell them for.

It was worth it in the end

So why would Texas A&M engineering graduate, class of ’97, go to all this trouble?  I honestly enjoy making stuff for people that they will truly enjoy and is built to last a long time.  It makes me happy to see people enjoy these boards as much as I enjoyed making them.  I personally stand behind every board that I ship.  I want you to be happy with it.  Your reviews and feedback makes me as happy as the original order.