Cutting board oil

Clara’s Cutting Board Oil


100% food safe and food grade mineral oil to seal and protect your natural wooden products. Wipe it on, let it soak in, wipe off the excess, and you are done. Refresh and renew back to life with this blend of oil and citrus extracts.

12 oz

Custom Engraving

Personalize this gift with custom engraving.

Engraved Text

Let us know what you want to engrave on the board. A last name, year, welcome home, bless this house, or anything else you can think of. You can send us a file too.

Display Stand

Add a decorative stand to your oder so the board can be displayed with pride when not in use.

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Product Description

Clara’s cutting board oil is our blend of food grade mineral oil and the subtle scent of orange and lemon extract. Our wood oil will moisturize your wooden bowls, cutting boards, chopping blocks, or counter tops. When wood drys out, it cracks. Our cutting board oil will protect your board and prevent water from soaking into your board. Protect your kitchen tools and they will last a lifetime. For best protection, use this oil with Clara’s Board Wax as a top coat for better waterproofing.


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